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Favorite Vendor Feature, Elements of Light Photography

Susan Beth Breuner owns Elements of Light Photography and is also the leader of the Bozeman chapter of Tuesday’s Together. Not only have I had the pleasure of working with her on styled shoots and weddings, but she’s been a great business mentor and friend, and I’m really excited to share a little more about her business, in her own words!

What inspires your business? What is your biggest passion?

Susan Beth: “My business is inspired by the connection of people – and what more intense, beautiful and intimate connection is there besides marriage! I love the concept of helping to celebrate marriage relationships, not just for the wedding day, but for the entire family’s legacy for generations. Each couple is the beginning of something new, while at the same time the fruition of the hopes and dreams of the generations that come before them.”
“My biggest passion in wedding photography is capturing the real way that the couple interacts with each other. Allowing them to be in front of my camera in a way that is genuine, relaxed, and natural is something that I have worked very hard to accomplish over the years, and is an important part of what gives me a thrill when photographing wedding couples – and all of that applies to both their actual wedding day photos and to their engagement session. In fact, the engagement session is where we do the hard work of forming that relationship that allows us to have and easy flow on the wedding day.”

What are your favorite wedding traditions/moments/details to photograph?

Susan Beth: “I’m torn about what to say here because so many moments of the wedding day are a thrill to photograph, and when it comes right down to it, I’m a bit of a thrill junkie. But I can narrow it down to two things:
1. Any opportunity with just the couple, me and the camera. So, think sunset photos, first look opportunities, romping through a field, running up towards Hyalite to capture big open spaces that still aren’t quite big enough to hold their love and excitement.
And 2. The getting ready portion – for both the Bride and the Groom. There is just something special about capturing the attention to detail they give to their look, and highlighting the things they took the time to select for their wedding day because they reflect their hopes and dreams for the relationship. That means the beauty of putting on makeup knowing you are in your best day ever and want to look your best ever, or tying a tie even if you don’t usually wear one, but you want to get it just right. And these moments often involve someone special helping the bride or groom, so it is another opportunity to highlight a relationship.”

What are some traits of your ideal clients?

Susan Beth: “My ideal client is a bride who is creative, sees the flow of the day and of life as an adventure, and knows that the most important thing about the day is that she will be forever bound to the love of her life. She cares about the details of the day, but keeps them in perspective to the life change she is making and knows that when all is said and done, being married to her love is all that counts on that day. And grooms – love the groom with a great sense of humor, a tender care for his bride, a respect for his guests, and an openness to some fun. He is the consummate host for the party being thrown in his honor, and keeps his head about him to care for his wife, while still honoring his mom.”

Is there anything you wish your clients knew?

Susan Beth: “I wish every person, client or not, knew the value of photos beyond themselves or the moment they are taken. Recognizing that photos inform your own memory, the memories of those involved in your life, and the understanding and respect of generations to come. Wedding photos, boudoir photos, day to day photos, family photos, maternity photos – they all preserve information about you, your life, your culture, your values, and your heart. Having them to share is a gift to yourself and to more other people than you could ever imagine.”

Susan Beth is also an incredible boudoir photographer, and I’ll be sharing more about that side of her business in the near future.

If you’re in the market for a wedding, portrait, boudoir, senior, or “day in the life” photographer, you can find out more about her here.


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