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Officially Ordained

I’ve officially become an Ordained Minister through American Marriage Ministies. I’m excited about this new addition to my wedding planner repertoire. While I don’t intend on performing ceremonies on a consistent basis, I feel good knowing that I can legally officiate and sign a marriage license for my couples if the need should arise.

I plan to do a lot of reading and research. I want to learn what creates a great ceremony, and how to express the couple’s love and personalities through their vows. Then, I’ll compose a few ceremonies, ranging from religious to light and casual, and stash them away in a binder inside my emergency kit.

For me, this is just another way I can be the best planner I can be. And it’s way for me to offer more piece of mind to my couples–so they know that if their officiant falls through, they will still be able to be married…because that, truly, is the entire reason for the day.

While stepping in to officiate will be included in my services at no extra cost, if a couple were to ask me in advance to officiate, I will consider adding it to my services for a small fee.

Who knows, maybe in the future I might offer a wedding ceremonies package in addition to my planning packages. But for now, I’m happy knowing that I can be there for my couples during every step of their wedding day.


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