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The Blooming Beetle, a floral up-cycling service

We are so happy to announce the launch of our free new service, The Blooming Beetle, floral up-cycling and delivery.

So what the heck is floral up-cycling, you ask? It’s a service designed to cut back on post-wedding waste by giving back to our local senior community.

Have you ever thought about what you’ll do with all of your centerpieces/floral after the wedding is over? Sure, you could take everything home to clutter up your counter tops–OR  you could give them a second life by donating them to The Blooming Beetle.

It’s all pretty simple!

  1. Decide to donate some or all of your wedding/special event flowers

  2. Contact us to schedule a free pick up (We request at least 7 day advanced notice if possible.)

From there, we’ll use your flowers to create several smaller arrangements and deliver them to local nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Here’s a short article that explains how your donation can make a huge impact!

Not only can you feel good knowing you’re brightening the day of senior citizens, but what an amazing way to start off your new life as a married couple!

Our signature “Blooming Beetle” delivery vehicle is still in the works with plans to be debuted Summer 2016. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news. Want to donate sooner? Contact us and we’ll make it happen!

bloom blog pic

Now a few of the “fine details”

While we’re SO excited to offer this service, it is not exclusive to just History in the Making clients; We gladly accept donations from any event, and would love to be able to provide this service all year round (here’s looking at you, Christmas parties!)

We also happily accept donations from floral shops and private donors. When making a floral donation, we ask that the donation contain enough stems to create at least 6 small arrangements. (size reference: an average Mason jar) or 1 large arrangement (cylindrical vase) We also ask that flowers be in useable condition. We can certainly handle picking out a few droopy flowers or browning petals, but please don’t donate an entire bunch of half-dead flowers. We want these arrangements to be beautiful, uplifting, and something that will last at least a few days.

Our free pick up service is available in the Bozeman, Belgrade, and Three Forks areas. Since this is a not for profit service, we have a $15 suggested donation to assist with fuel costs for floral donations from Livingston or Big Sky.

Know someone that would like a special floral delivery? Let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen!


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