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Unique Bouquet Alternatives

I’m a sucker for a gorgeous wedding bouquet, but I also LOVE the freedom and expression that comes from unique, personalized bouquets. Whether you’re considering something different for yourself or your bridesmaids, I’ve put together this fun look book of some of my favorite bouquet alternatives.

Fabric and Wood

The fabric flower bouquet was handcrafted by one of our brides from a variety of silks, laces, pearls, and brooches. She used similar flowers to make matching boutonnieres and matching sweetheart chair covers.

wood flower wedding bouquet and fabric wedding bouquet

Wood bouquets, like this one from EcoFlower, are often made from sola wood. Not only were the colors vibrant, but it smelled amazing! (this was the bouquet from MY wedding and I chose the black vanilla raspberry scent, which was included for free)

Both of these options are extremely light weight, especially when compared to a traditional medium/large sized floral bouquet.


Wearable floral pieces are great bouquet alternatives, especially for bridesmaids. Some of my favorite ideas are anklets and armbands. They are versatile, chic, and unexpected. And of course, everybody loves a good floral crown! The best part is all of these can be customized in hundreds of ways, and can be worn down the aisle and on the dance floor.

wedding bouquet alternatives armband, anklet,

If you’re crafty, these are easy DIY projects to make with faux flowers, leather, and ribbon. If you’d prefer live floral pieces, I recommend using a professional florist to ensure they will be as fresh as possible and have the best chance of lasting through the wedding day.

Wreaths and Lanterns

Ok, so I may be a bit biased because I was dreaming of this cascading lantern bouquet for what felt like forever, but isn’t it gorgeous? Besides flowers, lanterns can be filled with candles, battery operated lights, or even special keepsakes.

wedding bouquet alternative wreath

Wreaths are another fun option if you want to carry something down the aisle. Wreaths can be designed around the season, and can be as simple or elaborate as you want. After your walk down the aisle, it can become a piece of décor at your reception. Depending on the type of wreath, you may even be able to take it home after the wedding and enjoy it for a long time to come.

A few other ideas:

A candle bouquet would be beautiful for an evening ceremony. Dried herbs are budget friendly and smell awesome. Brooch bouquets, like this one made of heirloom pieces, are a great choice if you want something non-floral.

We’ve also seen brides carry vintage clutches, a favorite book, and paper flowers

Just remember, your bouquet will be one of the most photographed details of your day, so make sure it fits your personality, style, and vision.

Photo credits:

Wearables, lantern, and wreath florals created by Wild Blume.


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